1. flyartproductions:

    The outraged and sanctified Jewish boy

    The outraged Jewish boy (1874), Ivan Kramskoy / Sanctified, Rick Ross ft. Kanye West & Big Sean

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  3. afroklectic:

    Return of the Rudeboy @ Somerset House
    13 June – 25 August 2014  
    Somerset House is proud to present Return of the Rudeboy, an original exhibition created and curated by prolific photographer and filmmaker for music’s most wanted Dean Chalkley and fashion-industry favourite creative director Harris Elliott, which showcases a sartorial subculture through a series of portraits, installations and set pieces.  Over the course of the past year the duo has photographed over 60 sharply dressed individuals from across the UK, all of whom embody the essence of what it is to be a Rudeboy (or Rudie) in the 21st century, to document the life, style and attitude of this growing urban group.  The curated collection of images shows the subjects presenting their pure and singular sartorial swagger in locations linked to the Rudeboy lifestyle, whether it be on the streets of Shoreditch or Savile Row.
    More details at somersethouse.org.uk.

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  4. printalloverme:

    Print All Over Me x Tyler Spangler #digital #camouflage @tylerspangler

    modeled by Alli Grimes

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  5. modelsandstuff:

    Adonis Bosso by Melodie Jeng

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  6. heinfienbrot:

    Boglioli S/S 2015

  7. heinfienbrot:

    Berluti S/S 2015

  8. microfibre:

    bassike resort 2015

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